Stir-fried Squid [ Ojingeo-bokkeum ]

9 Feb 2022
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Stir-fried Squid

[ Ojingeo-bokkeum ]

Squid is stir-fried with onion, carrot and cabbage in a spicy sauce with red pepper powder and red pepper paste. Stir-fried squid does not contain many ingredients and the process of making it is easy, so it is good to make as a delicacy side dish when you have no appetite.

Ingredients and Servings (Serves 4)

2 squid (500g after trimming), ⅓ carrots (60g), ¾ onion (150g), 2 green peppers (30g), 1 red pepper (15g), 6 green onions (60g), 2 tablespoons cooking oil

Stir-fried seasoning red pepper paste 2T, red pepper powder 1T, soy sauce 1T, sugar 1T, starch syrup 1T, minced green onion 2T, minced garlic 1T, minced ginger 1T, rice wine 1T, sesame salt 1T, sesame oil 1T, a little bit of pepper

get ready

1. Lay the squid on a cutting board, put your hand on the body, and gently pull out the tentacles. Insert a knife into the front of the eyes to separate the ink pouch from the leg and remove the mouth. Cut the body in half lengthwise, pick it up with a kitchen towel, and remove the skin. It is convenient to purchase trimmed squid. Wash the trimmed squid thoroughly under running water.

2. Cut the squid body into 5×3cm pieces by inserting a slit on the inside at an interval of 0.6cm. It is convenient to use a green onion knife. Cut the legs into 5cm lengths.

3. Cut carrots into 4cm lengths and cut into 1x4cm flat pieces.

4. Cut the onion in half and shred lengthwise.

5. Cut green and red peppers in half, remove seeds and cut diagonally.

6. Cut the green onion into 4cm lengths.

7. Make stir-fry sauce by mixing red pepper paste and the rest of the seasoning ingredients.

[to make]

1. Add the stir-fried seasoning to the trimmed squid and mix, then add all the prepared vegetables and mix well.

2. Heat a pan, add cooking oil, add seasoned squid and vegetables, and fry on high heat for 5 minutes until the squid becomes opaque and the scabbard is in the shape of a brush.


Since squid becomes tough if cooked for a long time, you can complete delicious stir-fried squid by frying it in a short time over high heat.

Put it on top of rice and eat it as a bowl of rice, or boil and mix fine noodles (somen noodles).

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